Tuesday, September 16, 2008

David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17

Tensions between the Isaraelites and the Philistines continue. Now the Philistines have presented a giant of a soldier, Goliath, to threaten the Israelites. He challenges someone to fight with him one-on-one. For forty days, the Israelites do not respond -- they are very afraid of the giant.

David, a youth, is sent by his father Jesse to take food to his brothers, who are in Saul's service. Arriving at the battleground, he sees the giant and hears the challenge, and, despite his brothers' protests, decides he will fight the giant. Saul tries to deck him out in armor, but he is so young that it is too heavy and awkward for him, so he takes it all off again and challenges Goliath just with his slingshot. Goliath laughs at him until a stone shot by David from his slingshot brings Goliath down. David finishes him off with Goliath's own sword, and cuts off his head.

Everyone is amazed and impressed.

So, I had heard the story of David and Goliath, and knew that it was biblical, but it is interesting now to see it in context of the ongoing story.

Despite the violence in this story, the image of someone young and unlikely taking down a giant is a remarkable story, reminding us that sheer physical power alone is not always enough to force events to play out as the powerful would wish.

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